what i did on my holidays


Unlikely things to cross off life’s to do list:

Lead a hooded, robed, flaming torch-lit procession to burn a giant effigy of a man. [CHECK.]

Satisfying on some archaic race memory level.

This photo is the best, but I can’t insert it.


In general, Kiwiburn was amazing again, and completely different again. I think that is a lot of its magic. It is an empty space waiting to be filled, and it is filled by the participants. Thus the festival changes and grows with the participants and their needs. It exists in relation to our culture and our lives, and evolves to be the experience we need it to be. (By contrast, something like the Seven’s, as a festival, allows you to dress up, be funneled into stalls, and drink lots of beer each year.)

The numbers close to doubled to around 450. The burn seems to have come of age, and it has been pretty awesome being along for the ride. (This year there were as many people on site for setup as there were at my first burn in 07). It is also pretty cool watching a lot of the people involved grow and step up over the years. Definite teething difficulties behind the scenes, but everything is pretty together, and the quality of what is being contributed has really bloomed.

This year I was volunteering as a Wrangler, part of a theme camp for the first time, and running a bunch of performance art rituals (which were fun as well as a massive learning experience.) Somehow the overall experience was as challenging as any other year, though with no specific event to point at it is difficult to put my finger on why, and I came away supremely relaxed, grounded, and reconnected.


I spent the next few days visiting far flung folk with babies (now toddlers), almost visiting Whare Ra, and camping in the middle of nowhere and nearly getting stuck in the mud.

As an added bonus, it seems I was away from Wellington long enough to really appreciate it on returning, and be blown away by the view. As well as enjoying wandering town on Seven’s night, with drunken hordes of dressed up people about. (The dynamic of the Sevens changes utterly when it hits the street, and becomes something closer to a carnival. Actually, another post entirely on the Seven’s may be due…)

Unlikely things t
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