thoughts on the wellywood sign

Celebrating our creative capital and cultural uniqueness by making a giant derivative sycophantic piece of shit seems a particularly unimaginative failure.

Did they consult any creative people in creating this concept, or was it just a producer/politico move?

Couldn’t it at least be a 50-ft tall radioactive weta? Seems more honest.

How much will the ongoing repairs cost?

Why not a neon mosque or something to honour Bollywood, since they make the most films in the world?

Please can we have an original idea that expresses our place in the world, rather than an actually cringe-worthy exercise in being the little brother trying to show off to the big boys.

One Response to “thoughts on the wellywood sign”

  1.   Pearce
    March 12th, 2010 | 2:03 pm

    It’s a Wellington Airport move on their land, so they don’t actually have to be accountable to the public. Though it sounds like it was Peter Jackson’s idea – does he count as a creative person?

    It’s a shame that it looks like it will be Hollywood lawyers who get it called off, rather than because it’s just a crap idea.

    I have to admit though, I think it’s funny-horrible the amount of people who’ve been saying (on Facebook) that they’ll vote for Jack Yan as the next Wellington mayor because he’s against the Wellywood sign and the liquor ban, rather than because of any actual interest in his proposed policies. I think it just shows how little attention people usually pay to local politics, despite the huge amount of impact it has on us. “Water metering? Who cares? The real issues are that I can’t get shitfaced in the park and that someone wants to build a sign!”

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