Back from my first WOMAD experience. WOMAD was actually a pretty sweet festival. Really nice location and layout, well organised, good tunes. Took a couple of days to figure out how to interact with a consumer festival – burns have ruined me a bit in terms of the level of participation than seems intuitive and natural – the key seemed to be not trying to do too much, rather than running around trying to see everything.

But yeah. Met some nice people. Got turned on to some choice new bands – Mariem Hassan, Ojos de Brujo, Dub Colossus, and Ross Daly in particular. Saw a bunch of other stuff that was pretty intersting.

Was there with a stall. Drank and sold an unexpected amount of yak butter tea. It is actually pretty good. More like a super-nutritious drink you can live off than a cup of tea.

Hippie peacenik moment was during the final all star gala, realising that people of all cultures could come together and agree over music. Just witnessing it in action was kinda beautiful.

Returned in need of sleep.

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