john key’s a donkey

With the mining conservation areas, beneficiary bashing redux, slashing the public sector, and general awfulness of National rearing its head again in their window before election season begins (on top of the ETS farce, and all the shit they already did under urgency), we of the dancing moose gently draw your attention once again to the John Key’s A Donkey sessions by Tinekaamos.

Link them around if they amuse you. Maybe it will help. They are kind of shit in a choice way; or maybe choice in a shit way. And I honestly don’t think he deserves better. Maybe they are better pitched to the current climate than 16 months or so ago back when they were recorded.

I am vaguely tempted to get them out as a grimy free EP. Though the set is sadly incomplete. I had been planning a riff on Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon, with the refrain being “all we are saying is John Key’s an ass.”, but I lost my recording setup before that happened.

Y’know, it wouldn’t take much to knock up the lyrics. If anyone currently has a recording set up, or wants to be part of gang vocals for that should the chance arise, let me know 😉

3 Responses to “john key’s a donkey”

  1.   Pearce
    March 25th, 2010 | 12:32 pm

    I love that National want to kick people off benefits while simultaneously planning to slash jobs in the public sector AND are not doing anything about the rising unemployment rate.

    Unless… is the unemployment rate somehow based on the amount of people drawing benefits? Once you’re no longer on a benefit, are you also no longer “unemployed”?

  2.   Janet
    March 25th, 2010 | 10:05 pm

    the unemployment rate is based on the household labour force survey – which is done by Stats NZ based on surveying households – the unemployment rate is measured by taking the total number of people in the survey who say that they are both ‘available for’ and ‘actively looking for’ work (unemployed) and dividing that number by (the total number of people in the survey who say they are employed for one or more hour a week plus the unemployed).

    winz measures ‘registered unemployed’ which is just basically everyone who had to sign up as unemployed in order to get income support.

    /information rant – but honestly the number of people in this country who equate ‘unemployed’ with ‘dole bludger’ is just insane…

  3.   Janet
    March 25th, 2010 | 10:08 pm

    Actually more generally the number of people who equate ‘receiving income support’ with ‘dole bludger’ is just insane…