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Flashback time.

I lost a certain amount of my youth to my Amstrad. One of the reasons I never fell for latter day game platforms. Same shit, better graphics. I get the appeal but the game logic never really improved.

On the Amstrad, Raffaele Cecco’s games were easy to play yet fiendishly difficult. They looked amazing, for the times, but little has the glory of their music.

This is the theme to Equinox. It looped throughout the game.

So awesome.

The soundtracks to Exolon, and Cybernoid 2, are also stunning. 8 bit joy. Spent a while trying to hack the interwebs to get access to their music in a useful form. Exolon seems nowhere. It had amazing emotional range for a peppy crunchy sound track to a shooting game.

This is the gameplay to Cybernoid 2. The music is eaten a bit by the sound effects, but it is still pretty choice. And the game is really fun. One of those exquisite timing and millimetres to spare jobs.

Weird flashbacks. I could probably find an emulator somewhere. But it is also nice that lots of play throughs of games are on youtube.

This is the most flat out time wasting I have done online in a while. Funny that it is recapitulating the time wasting of my youth.

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