book four, draft one

Last night I finished a rough as guts draft of a new book (working title Riding The Tiger.) Slim, at around 40000 words, it came out in about 20 days. The length is about right – it is non fiction. I am expecting about 60000 for the final figure, and things tend to get longer in rewrite.

The process was smooth. Almost painless. A combination of writing what I know, plus having done it before, and in particular having the knowledge of how much it will change in successive drafts really frees the process of a first draft. What matters is getting the basic structure and content down. The shaping comes later.

The result was I pushed through much harder than I have previously. It will be interesting to read it back in a wee while and see what I’ve done.

However, writing does tend to override my life. What was I doing? Time to reconnect with the other processes…

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