UK offered many billions, no strings attached, by mystery foundation

Today’s WTF, via Charlie Stross:

A Lord in the English house of lords stood up in parliament two days ago and admitted money laundering for the IRA (sort of as an aside) – the main thing he was talking about was his contacts with an unnamed “foundation” which is seemingly offering the UK however many billion pounds it needs to sort its economy, ostensibly interest free, no strings attached. (Though one wonders what the content of the conversation with the foundations chairman – that is the sole condition – would be.)

The process as described is quite surreal and cloak and dagger.

Here is the Hansard record for Nov 1.

Stross has excerpted the relevant section here.


Interesting, anyway.

(The Lord in question is David Noel James, Baron James of Blackheath, CBE (born December 7, 1937); “a British businessman and corporate trouble shooter and Conservative life peer”.)

One Response to “UK offered many billions, no strings attached, by mystery foundation”

  1.   michael
    November 4th, 2010 | 8:59 pm

    I like the suggestion it’s basically a web scam… the fact no one seems to bat an eyelid suggests that. But still very intriguing the sideline re: terrorist funds!?