National Government opts to criminalise majority of its educated workforce

So, passing yet another law under urgency seems bad news, particularly a deeply unpopular one. Folks all over are talking about the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill , go read them. Heck, even Boing Boing is talking about how stupid this is.

A few brief observations:

The bill seems wildly out of step with the entire population < 50 years old, so it will be interesting if criminalising a huge sector of the voting public has much political blowback. Also, by making people’s actions criminal, it pushes them to adopt the behaviours of criminals.

For instance, use of a proxy server or other anonymised browsing (eg service.

It also seems totally redundant since as soon as there is demand someone will cobble together an idiot friendly easy install protocol/package to circumvent the tracking, and it will spread virally.

Finally, I wonder if renewing the “3 strikes your internet is suspended” criteria may even be a pre-emptive strike to meet one of the requirements of the TPPA, the other IP shocker going through without enough oversight.

Copyright, IP, and creative production in the digital age are complex issues, which need addressing. Ignoring what the voting public thinks and slamming through laws under urgency, or negotiating behind closed doors, is not the way to go about it.

One Response to “National Government opts to criminalise majority of its educated workforce”

  1.   Torin
    April 14th, 2011 | 3:32 pm

    I agree billy, its totally ridiculous. creating a law that cannot be enforced makes no sense…or does it?

    US Media giants recently pressured the Australian government to try and make this same law happen, they failed. So these corporations tried to sue an Australian ISP (not one of the big ones like telstra or optus) iinet, they failed but it was an expensive fight for iinet.

    It seams to me like these slimy American fat cats (i presume they are american) have finally found a country week enough and small enough to make a precedent in copyright law.

    So back to our government. There must be a reason why they are rushing this through and its probably embarrassing so they wont tell us.
    however i have a theory. If they don’t pass the law then possibly a lawsuit would have been placed against telecom or another small ISP. One they would have struggled to fight, probably lose and then who knows?
    If they pass a law with flaws and holes in it and they cant police/prosecute then the whole copyright/ISP liable problem goes away.

    Even if you the downloader are found to be guilty of ‘stealing’ a copy of a movie or tv show or music, they still have to prove that you have cost that company money/revenue. Most shows/films i download are not available in my county and less are available in NZ. So you cant cost a company money if the product is not available in that country.

    There are many laws in NZ and around the world that are rarely enforced, i mean how many people get arrested and prosecuted for smoking weed? Very few but its illegal.

    anyway that’s my 2c. This bill has been on the table for a few years and no one got up in arms about it till it was too late. So suck it up people, work around it and happy downloading.