nonwrestler: three years of free mp3s

For three years now my friend Mike (aka electronic muso Jet Jaguar, who I think I remember guys from Fat Freddy’s Drop describing as a “heavyweight musical nerd”), has been blogging a free-to-download mp3 a week of stuff he likes. It is always pretty interesting, and some of it has been excellent to my ears.

If this is news to you, you should check it out; and now is a particularly useful time to start, as he has recently posted his favourites by category from the first three years (ambientish, dancey, head-nodders, and songs.

Something I txted to myself the other day was “Curate shit that is worthwhile”. Part of my general mantra of dealing with information overload. Anyhow, it occurs to me this is a really good example of it. It also relates to Seth Godin ranting about libraries being over, but librarians being more needed than ever.

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