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Right. It seems everyone is taking their brain off for xmas, so here is some brainless content.

During my travels I watched a few movies, most often on long haul buses and planes, which is interesting as I often didn’t get to pick what I was watching, or had a fairly limited ranged, and thus saw a bunch of shit I would never watch. You will probably be able to pick the few I did seek out by choice. Here are random slappy reviews.


Adjustment Bureau

Pretty good Philip K Dick story-based film. Solid, worth it if you watch SF.

Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart actually acting in a taut tale of a family grieving.

Harry Potter 7 pt 2

Despite being in 3D at the movies in England, it was kind of a let down. For a change, almost all the changes they made for film were actually detrimental from the original.

The Last Circus

Alex de la Iglesias is the Jesus of the new age. Okay, that isn’t even slightly accurate, but goddamn this movie is crazy and fun and deranged and disturbed and unique and wonderful. If you are afraid of clowns, this movie will destroy your soul. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

Winters Bone

Grim and beautiful drama of small town life. Would have rather seen it with subtitles than dubbed into American South accents; figure it would have been a lot more disturbing. It is pretty harsh. One of the best films of recent years, hands down.

[Edit: so it wasn’t dubbed, and was actually set in America. Dunno where I got the idea it was European in my head, but I watched the entire thing thinking it was dubbed.]


Awful opening voice-over becomes a pretty fun film about a guy who gets on a smart drug that really works. Totally written by a frustrated writer.


Kenneth Branagh directs norse god comic adaptation. Given the ludicrous material they had to work with, they work in themes and content in a way that it is almost okay, but other than that totally unremarkable.

The Fighter

Kind of biopic. Unlikely story.

Parts of My Sisters Keeper

Wow, that movie looked shit. If you know the premise, you don’t ever need to read or see it. Cameron Diaz in a serious role? Whut? Luckily I tuned most of it out.

Just Go With It

Godawful Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston vehicle. Insulting and embarassing to the species. That this passes for comedy speaks volumes about how decrepit American culture has become, and how totally sexually fucked up. Thanks to Peruvian bus-lines, I saw lots of this. TWICE.


Sub-TV movie production values, family relationship drama turned out to be a Christian propaganda movie. All the relationship advice was actually pretty good. All the spontaneous Jesus conversion was a bit uncomfortable. Weirdly fascinating to watch as it was so out of left field. Peru buses, man.

Pirates of the Caribbean – on stranger tides

I actually mostly enjoyed the first POTC as balls out entertainment. I don’t know what the hell this was supposed to be. But, from what I couldn’t ignore, it was shit.

Captain America

I never knew anything about Captain America, so was pleasantly surprised to get a WWII era superhero film.

Book of Kells

Really interesting animation style, only saw the end. Later had the chance to see the real book of Kells in Dublin, but didn’t. So it goes.

Green Lantern

Uninteresting piece of shit. Some potential for crazy CGI though. Afterwards I discovered that an unrecognisable Temeura Morrison fought an unrecognisable Clancy Brown. Not even that saved anything about this uninteresting piece of shit.

The Avengers should actually be interesting as a nightmare of combining these retarded superheroes functionally. Even Whedon will struggle with that.

Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges is still a dude. Can’t quite buy Maggie Gyllenhal going for him though. Um. Good character study. Bridges has deserved an Oscar for years, not sure why this was the role that did it.

I am sure there were others. Oh, there was some truly diabolically shit Ice Cube as a family dude renovating a house movie, again on a bus in Peru, but luckily I fell asleep with earplugs quite quickly.

[Bonus edit: I also watched about 20 minutes of Horrible Bosses. Which was like three really bad comedies in one, but with even less character development. Watching vomit congeal is more appealing.]

Incidentally, this is probably the most current I have been with modern film in ages, in terms of seeing recently released movies, in quantity. It does not speak well of modern film, at least as far as Hollywood goes.


4 Responses to “media on the road”

  1.   Jodi
    December 22nd, 2011 | 8:50 pm

    I saw green lantern, limitless, thor, captain america, adjustment bureau and winter’s bone, and pretty much agreed with your assessment of each. I’m confused about your dubbing comment on Winter’s Bone, though. The film was set in West Virginia, IIRC, what accents did you expect them to have?

    billy Reply:

    For some reason I thought it was a European film… though it seems it isn’t! must have got my wires crossed when I first heard of it. Maybe just even the look of the lead actress on the poster. And the meth ravaged faces didn’t feel remotely American-movie. Expectations framing experience, again….

  2.   Pearce
    December 23rd, 2011 | 6:57 am

    I was also confused about the Winter’s Bone dubbing thing, but never mind. Everyone talks about Jennifer Lawrence, the lead actress (who went straight from here to X-Men: First Class, and so might not have an interesting career after all) but I also thought that John Hawkes (Teardrop) was amazing.

    You should check out Martha Marcy May Marlene, preferably without reading anything about it first.

    It’s a shame that Crazy Heart lead Jeff Bridges to embarrass himself by recording a terrible album.

  3.   bruce
    January 8th, 2012 | 3:04 pm

    >Adjustment Bureau

    Yeah, surprisingly watchable, and I liked the upbeat ending. Matt Damon I will punch you not too annoying.