I am living in Wellington again, so am local once more if you are also in Wellington…

Sunday Mutants increasingly erratic edition






Hmm. Where has time gone? Here’s a handful of worthies:


Complete genius skewering of right-wing american thought:

Hammering on this contradiction is a core wedge issue: if you don’t think the government can be effective in a wealthy, stable country that we know intimately — like, say, the United States — how on earth can you believe that the US government has any hope of being effective in a benighted, godforsaken place like Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, or Somalia?

Seriously. So clear once pointed out.


* Learn almost anything, free: Khan Academy.


* Amazing short video – 500 years of Female Portraits in Western Art


* Possibly the most amazing piece of art I have seen on the internet.

Totally unique and fairly indescribable. For those who inhale, it will blow your mind as you grok it. For the rest, it will still blow your mind.