local mutants

Just some things of note posted by locals in the past week.


Introducing FYI – a site which helps you make and browse Official Information Act requests. Now that is useful. (via norightturn)

Tatjna collects a long scary list of statistics and right wing quotes about the drug war. This will not make your day happier, but it is fascinatingly awful.

Cryptogon notes that in 2011, the Federal Reserve Purchased a Stunning 61% of U.S. Debt. Broken. So broken.

Aimee sent this… thing in. It is self explanatory. At least I am not going to try to explain it. Just look at it. And keep looking. I think that is what it is for.

One Response to “local mutants”

  1.   bruce
    April 5th, 2012 | 8:44 pm

    human study: brilliant 🙂