sunday mutants 14/4/12


* 48 psychological facts about yourself worth knowing

definitely worth the read. far from the usual sort of guff.

* Chris23 summarises the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2011.

well worth reading. short clear but excellent summary of where shit is at, current pressure points in the world system, etc.

* Reality as failed state

interesting analysis of the disconnect between different actors in the world

* old maps online

the largest collection of old maps online

* a downloadable archive of all of the amazing Grey Lodge online magazine

Grey Lodge was one of the first and greatest sources of underground, avant garde, occult culture. some absolute gems in their collection.

* future of publishing news: freemium, a fascinating funding model for writing from China

basically serialised online fiction. free at first. as it gets more popular, you have to pay. seems to be working for some people.

* BBC reports that implanted wireless devices are hackable by McAfee… ie if you have an insulin pump, it can be turned off, or made to release all its contents at once, by external signals…


And, as a follow-up to the last post on economics, here is a nugget from the awesome Nils Gilman:

Stat of the day: Sustaining a 2.3% growth rate to the year 3500 would require us by then to be capturing the entire energy output of the Sun

Capitalism cannot work.


(lots of todays stuff came from catching up on technoccult and URBEINGRECORDED for the first time in ages)

One Response to “sunday mutants 14/4/12”

  1.   Jez
    April 15th, 2012 | 9:10 pm

    Nils Gilman is missing the obvious solution – a Dyson sphere lets us capture the entire energy output of the Sun.

    If economic growth continues for that long, then the average person will be worth one thousand times the current wealth of the entire world, so being able to afford a Dyson sphere seems easy. Being able to afford several seems feasible.

    Of course, the real lesson here is that scaling exponentially leads to silly conclusions.