Review: Prometheus


Very pretty in 3D. Some excellent design work.

Undermined by crushing stupidity, que sera sera blockbuster. Every time an element is introduced it lands with a palpable thump that says this will matter soon. Almost nothing the characters did derived from character, just a need for the plot to have something particular happen right then, even if it meant incoherent inconsistent dumb.

Story arc fun on the way out as questions are raised – and I realise this is overwhelmingly my favourite portion of any narrative, when the mystery is in full flight but no answers in sight; this is also part of why my favourite works of fantasy are so precisely because they never lose that sense of mystery, suspension and wonder – but sadly the story is fairly disengaging by the end. Though, in a sense, the questions it was asking on the surface would be very difficult to answer satisfactorily in any medium, let alone the structural limitations of a blockbuster.

Possibly amazing symbolism going on beneath the stupid – spoiler heavy article well worth reading – but personally it doesn’t feel worth the effort to mine for it, since so much else failed. For me, a mark of quality in art requires a certain comprehensiveness, a wholeness of vision and delivery, lacking here.

Enjoyable for Hollywood, but swiftly forgettable.

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