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is what the current draft clocks in at. Just finished typing it up.

Farsight Institute experiment in remote viewing the future


The Farsight Institute are interested in scientifically exploring Remote Viewing, and experimenting with it in a really rigorous way. Almost 20 years ago I read Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse, which is the fascinating account of a soldier inducted into military remote viewing program, and remote viewing seems to have come a long way since then. (The US military spent millions on testing remote viewing, a kind of means of gathering information at a distance.) While it is not something I have personal experience of, the concepts are similar enough to lucid dreams, out of body experiences, and shamanic journeying type things, all of which I have experienced, that I am willing to consider the possibility.

This video, from 2010, presents the summary of their research findings from a remote viewing experiment focused on 2008 and two different future 2013s. From the description, it seems about as sane as you could manage to make research of this kind.

It blows me away that this is a real experiment rather than science fiction. The entire thing is deeply fascinating to me, and frankly kind of exciting.

I think it is worth watching, so I am not going to summarise their theory or results. Go in with an open mind. Hell, go in watching it as a short science fiction movie if you like. It will be a worthwhile 18 minutes either way.

One way or another, it will be worth checking back with the project in mid 2013.

The Farsight Institute are currently trying to get support to “organize a tightly controlled, publicly viewable scientific display of the phenomenon of remote viewing in return for mainstream recognition of the validity of the phenomenon itself”, later this year.

I would support that.


back online, batman


Have finished the hand-written redraft of Mosaic, so will be a bit more online again. (Though frankly the less online life has its appeals.)

Won’t know what I have got until I type it up and read it, but my sense of it is that the story is all there now, and hopefully from here it will be shaping and polishing and going deeper rather than construction and surgery. So, progress in the process, which is ongoing.


In other news, just looked through the Film Festival guide. Much awesomeness therein.


The new Batman film is interesting. Nolan consistently manages to make films with content capable of many readings within the confines of blockbusters. Makes me want to rewatch the films as a trilogy to evaluate its moral perspective as a unit.

My non spoilery tip would be remind yourself thoroughly of Batman Begins before seeing Dark Night Rises.


absolutely staggering footage of CNN faking live gulf war reporting

This is one of the most stunning fails ever.

This footage comes from the Gulf War.

It starts off with the reporter rehearsing on a studio set, then a bunch of goofing off, then the “live on location from Saudi Arabia” footage that went out kicks in around 3.10. By the time they get into sticking gas masks on around the 7 minute mark, the performance moves from surreal to hysterical.


YouTube Preview Image


Wow. Just wow.