back online, batman


Have finished the hand-written redraft of Mosaic, so will be a bit more online again. (Though frankly the less online life has its appeals.)

Won’t know what I have got until I type it up and read it, but my sense of it is that the story is all there now, and hopefully from here it will be shaping and polishing and going deeper rather than construction and surgery. So, progress in the process, which is ongoing.


In other news, just looked through the Film Festival guide. Much awesomeness therein.


The new Batman film is interesting. Nolan consistently manages to make films with content capable of many readings within the confines of blockbusters. Makes me want to rewatch the films as a trilogy to evaluate its moral perspective as a unit.

My non spoilery tip would be remind yourself thoroughly of Batman Begins before seeing Dark Night Rises.


One Response to “back online, batman”

  1.   billy
    July 21st, 2012 | 2:31 pm

    Crazy, just read about the Colorado shooting at the Batman premier.

    The warped part of me realises it would be more intriguing if the massacre had come later in the movie, and thus credibly as a reaction to the film.

    However, I thought the Gangster Squad preview was quite insane.