tinekaamos – the northland sessions vol 1: experiments


A few years back I had a home studio and did some recording. Naturally, the dozen or so solo tracks I had ready to record didn’t come out at all right on recording.

While I was doing those recordings, I spent some time messing around. I would lay a track of something down, and then improvise over that, laying in new tracks, including vocals on the spot. None of these took more than part of an afternoon, and they were kind of fun experimentation.

Naturally, a handful of those worked out more satisfactorily than the proper songs. These recordings come from those sessions. Stylistically they are all over the place. Experiments is an apt name.

I am under no illusions about their quality; proceed at your own risk. Mostly they are pretty short. The setup was ultra lo-fi (battered old synth, coupla guitars, various hand percussion, one mic) and I was learning how to record. At charitable best they could be considered evidence of some raw musical instincts. I suspect I have enough distance to no longer be actively embarrassed by them. At any rate these are the ones I still listen to sometimes. Now you can too.

If you are interested, you can download/listen free via bandcamp

Track by track comments:

Om Nama Shivaya This phrase is a mantra to Shiva to banish evil, which was written on a square of telephone paper and was lying around the house, so became the (probably mispronounced) lyrics. Easily the most disco and upbeat track, and it is pretty good spirited.

Ghost Harvest Sad, lonely and fragile. Probably the pick of the litter musically.

The Kids Fairly unclassifiable, one line repeats (“Hanging with the kids and they are, so beautiful so damaged”) over a bassline, until it all sort of evaporates in a swirl of digital effects that turn hand drums into weird insects. Mercifully short.

Bears Discover Fire Mysterious lurching bassline, very silly vocals, lots of odd noises. Bears Discover Fire is the name of a famous SF story I never read. (This track is dedicated to Ed, my patron from the Northland era, as it is somehow very Ed. Heh.)

Epic Bass Drone Most genre identifiable piece, ambient experimental weird ass synth drone. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Maybe a bit John Carpenter on this listening.

For Reasons Unknown Easily the most normal and songlike of them, which makes the haphazardness of the recording all the more obvious. The one I would most like to rerecord the vocals to.

( Tinekaamos is a word that came to me in a dream. No idea what it means.)


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