sunday mutants april

Hmm. Printing this manuscript is taking a few hours. Ah! Twitter!


The Web We Lost – short and fascinating look back at how much has changed online in ten years.

Weirdly fascinating breakdown of China’s online gaming industry, and other internet businesses.  It is evolving differently in isolation  over there.

use LinkedIn smarter I’m not on, but figure it to be inevitable.


The answers to this year’s Edge question are out: 192 smart people’s replies to the question

“What is your favourite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?”.

Pretty much a selective must read.


On cold reading, and why it still exists

Sundberg’s study highlights one of the difficulties in this area. A fake, universal sketch can be seen as a better description of oneself than can a uniquely tailored description by trained psychologists based upon one of the best assessment devices we have.

 Life as a Mexican drug gangster’s moll

Mattermap – contextual tool/app to create maps about issues, debates, conversations


2 Responses to “sunday mutants april”

  1.   bruce
    June 12th, 2013 | 7:15 am

    cold reading– so this is not entirely on topic but i think there’s an overlap. There is a mathematical principle called stochastic resonance which is a way to amplify a weak signal using random noise. It occurs a lot in nature– plants and animals use it for a variety of purposes.

    To me this is a way to explain why, even if they are purely random (or even within the reductionist materialist world view), things like tarot or astrology can be valid tools of self knowledge– because this random information can amplify a weak signal.

    So then, this cold reading stuff. It has the feeling of meaning to the person being described. The internal experience of meaning is not the same as an external assessment of meaning, and this distinction to me feels lost in the article.

  2.   bruce
    June 12th, 2013 | 7:18 am

    linked in- stay off. It’s pretty much useless as a site for getting information about other people or businesses, since people can moderate anything said about them. And it’s a horrendous generator of meaningless inbox content. Much worse than facebook.

    That said I did connect to an old boss who i was very fond of and we traded an email or two.

    I’m curious about that article now, i should read it to see what it is good for since I’m already on it.