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First up, in general, since a few people have asked offline, my feelings about the PRISM and Snowden etc can be summarised as “hmm, donating to the EFF makes a lot of sense.”

this is pretty neat: visualising wi-fi

gross: ads in your skull

How does the ruling class feel when it rules?

Robin’s clearest answer doesn’t come until the volume’s last essay, “Easy to Be Hard.” His argument is straightforward: far from their preferred self-image as the party of law and order, conservative elites relish the disorder and violence of open struggle. Particularly after the casual violence of the organized responses to the various Occupy and austerity protests, this contention may seem like second nature, but Robin pushes his claim even further: conservative elites don’t just enjoy seeing the riot gear deployed now and then, but they believe that they need recurrent doses of violence to avoid folding soggily into decadence or desuetude.

Decent introduction to the life and work of Wilhelm Reich. who is more interesting than most people:

In his quest to dig mankind’s sexual neuroses out by the roots, Reich challenged or broke nearly every taboo of Western civilization, angered almost every establishment force of the time, and died in prison for his efforts. But his influence may be far greater than he is generally given credit for.

Two straight from Nils Gilman/Deviant Globalisation:

CIA is funding a study to investigate whether humans could use geoengineering to stop climate change: http://mojo.ly/1arSmCR
The drugs of war: Heroin in Pakistan more affordable than food http://on.rt.com/tvjtzp

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