reading November 2013

been reading heaps of Wellington/history stuff as research;

finally finished The God Problem – Howard Bloom, which is an astoundingly brilliant history of ideas and science and raises more questions than it answers. Essential reading for intelligent folks.

Skinner – Charlie Huston

Really excellent. Huston’s last couple (this and the similarly excellent Sleepless) are exploring conceptual terrain familiar to readers of say William Gibson and Warren Ellis, but Huston is smarter and a better writer telling better stories. Skinner is a thriller that deals with the complexity of the world right now extremely intelligently; fast paced, gripping, and on point. The characters are interesting and disturbing. Really good all round. Definitely recommended, along with Sleepless.

Magic of the North Gate – Josephine McCarthy

McCarthy is the most interesting writer on magic to have emerged in the past few years, pretty much because she is obviously writing from 30+ years of experience. This one focuses on working with the land, but has all kinds of fascinating asides.

Got about 120 pages into Unspeakable Secrets of the Aro Valley – Danyl McLachlan before giving up. Sort of funny, but couldn’t quite bring myself to care, despite it being sort-of set within a couple of blocks of where I live and a couple of characters being sort-of based on people I know or sort-of know. :/  No idea how it would read to someone who didn’t live here etc. Sort of glad it exists though.

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