Within Temptation – Elements


(Maybe I will blog more this year?)

So this is random. Within Temptation are a band I am very fond of the past couple of years. They announced a big ass fancy 15th anniversary show with a choir and orchestra and additional theatrical performers etc which they were going to film for a DVD. Then afterwards apparently they decided to not release it as a DVD.

So their fans have combined footage from people who were at the concerts and edited it together into a full length (two hour) concert video.

YouTube Preview Image

The video is a pretty good effort. I can see why the band didn’t want to release it, but honestly I think that is 80% due to a weird song selection that inexplicably does not showcase the band at its best. (Though part of what is awesome about them is that they just do stuff that seems like a good idea to them and even when it is daft it is sort of charming. Like release a concept album with a comic book. Great songs. Daft idea.)

Anyway, I am just struck by the surreality of this happening, and being able to watch it on the other side of the world, free. These are the new days. People have more power. What will we do with it?

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