selling some books



Attention book people! I’m selling off some (many) books again. Mostly fiction this time. Generally SF/Fantasy/Literary. Non fiction listed at the bottom.


If you want something and are in Wellington, let me know either via PM or in comments. Make an offer better than a second hand dealer will give me, which is not hard. Will let it run a week or so. Whoever makes the best offer gets the book.

Key: Author, Title, Type, Condition, (special comments)

Type: H = Hardback, P = paperback, TP = trade (large) paperback, X = ex-library

Condition: A+ = as new/very good, A = average, A- = below average (will note any noteworthy damage)


Ian R Macleod – The house of storms HX, A,

Ian R Macleod – The Light Ages PX, A

Ellen Datlow (ed) – Supernatural Noir PX, A (short story anthology)

Charles de Lint – Muse and Reverie HX, A (short stories)

Steve Rasnic Tem – The man on the ceiling PX, A

M John Harrison – In Viroconium P, A

Jonathan Lethem – Motherless Brooklyn P, A

Richard Arthur – I of the sun PX, A+ (looks real weird)

Ryu Mitsuse – 10 Billion Days and 100 Billion Nights TP, A+ (billed as the greatest Japanese SF novel ever; it isn’t remotely like anything else)

Richard Kadrey – Dead Set HX, A+

Catherynne Valyente – Six Gun Snow White HX, A+

Joe R Lansdale – Dead Aim HX, A+

Christopher Priest – The Separation HX, A (won BSFA and Arthur C Clarke awards)

Christopher Priest – Fugue for a darkening island P, A-

Christopher Priest – The Islanders P, A (won BSFA)

Vernor Vinge – Marooned in real time P, A

Stanislaw Lem – The invincible P, A-

Stanislaw Lem – His master’s voice P, A-

Steve Aylett – The crime studio PX, A-

Michael Marshall Smith – What you make it P, A- (short stories, back cover munched)

Adam Roberts – Polystom TP, X, A

Adam Roberts – Gradisil HX, A

Theodore Sturgeon – E Pluribus Unicorn P, A- (short stories, probably rare now)

Storm Constantine – Wraethu (omnibus containing enchantments of flesh and spirit, bewitchments of love and hate, fulfilments of fate and desire) P, A

Rudy Rucker – Hylozoic HX, A+

Charlaine Harris – Dead until dark HX, A (first of the books True Blood was based on)

Pohl & Kornbluth – Wolfsbane P, A- (prob rare)

Christoper Moore – Bloodsucking freaks P, A

Daryl Gregory – Harrison Squared HX, A+

Carolyn Ives Gilman – Dark Orbit HX, A+

Steve Aylett – Only an alligator

Steve Aylett – The velocity gospel

Steve Aylett – Dummyland

Steve Aylett – Karloff’s circus (these are a set of four, all PX, A)

Roberty Shea and Robert Anton Wilson – The Illuminatus Trilogy PX, A- (legendary, every home should have one, fnord.)

Liz Williams – Snake Agent PX, A

Liz Williams – Precious Dragon HX, A

Paul di Fillipo – Ribofunk HX, A-

Greg Egan – Incandescence TP, A

Keith Roberts – Pavane P, A- (fairly sure this won the world fantasy award?)

Charlie Stross – Singularity Sky HX, A

James Blish – Doctor Mirabilis P, A- (well foxed, vivid on cover, book looks super odd)

Clive Barker – The hellbound heart P, A (hellraiser movie based on this)

Clive Barker – Chiliad: A Meditation HX, A+

Iain M Banks – Surface Detail HX, A

Ian Esslemont – Night of Knives TP, A (part of Erikson’s Malazan books world)

Ian Esslemont – Return of the Crimson Guard HX, A+

Michael Moorcock – Count Brass: the tale of the eternal champion vol 14 (omnibus containing Count Brass, The Champion of Garathorn, The Quest for Tanelorn) TP, A

Patrick Rothfuss – The Wise Man’s Fear TP, A

China Meiville – The Scar HX, A- (sequel to Perdido St Station)

Stephen Donaldson – The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (omnibus containing The Wounded Land, The One Tree, White Gold Wielder) TP, A

Legends (stories by Martin, Feist, Jordan, Le Guin, Pratchett, King, Goodkind, etc, set in their most famous worlds) TP, A

Tim Powers – Hide Me Among the Graves HX, A

L Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt – The Compleat Enchanter (omnibus) P, A

Jack Williamson – Darker Than You Think P, A+

A. A Attanasio – Killing with the edge of the moon HX, A

Jo Walton – The King’s Name HX, A

Daniel Fox – Hidden Cities PX, A

Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman – Fall of the Kings PX, A

JK Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Lavie Tidhar – The Bookman PX, A

Michael Moorcock – The Eternal Champion – the tale of the eternal champion vol 1 (omnibus containing The Eternal Champion, Phoenix in Obsidian, The Dragon in the Sword) P, A

Glen Cook – Water Sleeps (vol 9 of the black company) P, A-

Shaun Hick – The Army of Five Men P, A

Charlie Huston – My dead body

Charlie Huston – every last drop

Charlie Huston – half the blood of brooklyn (these 3 all PX, A)

Literary fiction/other

Alice Munro – The Beggar Maid P, A-

Margaret Atwood – Oryx and Crake P, A

Dambudzo Marechara – The house of hunger P, A+

Yann Martel – The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios HX, A

Robert Rosenberg – This is not civilisation HX, A

John Steinbeck – The moon is down P, A-

Darragh Mckeon – All that is solid melts into air HX, A

Allen Wheeler – The illusionless man P, A- (looks real weird)

Sir Thomas Mallory – Le Morte d’Arthur P, A (medieval epic poem version of Arthurian cycle)

Zadie Smith – White Teeth P, A

Denis Johnson – Tree of Smoke TP, A+ (National Book Award winner)

Denis Johnson – Fiskadoro P, A

Thomas Hardy – Tess of the D’ubervilles P, A-

Bruce Dickinson – The adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace TP, A

Bruce Dickinson – The Missionary Position TP, A (these two are toilet humour penned by Iron Maiden’s vocalist.)

William Burroughs jr – Speed H, A (no dust jacket. Not that this is NOT William S Burroughs but his son. Probably quite rare?)

Geoff Ryman – 253 P, A

Goethe – Faust part one P, A-

Andre Gide – The Immoralist P, A-

John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath P, A-

Zhang Jie – Leaden Wings P, A

Michael Ondaatje – The English Patient P, A (Booker prize winner)

Elliot Perlman – Seven types of ambiguity

David Baldacci – The Winner

Russell Hoban – My Tango with barbara Strozzi PX, A

Russell Hoban – Amarylis Night and Day P, A

Tibor Fischer – The Thought Gang P, A

Amos Oz – Scenes from village life P, A

Thomas Pynchon – Against the Day HX, A

Thomas Pynchon – Vineland HX, A

Thomas Pynchon – Mason and Dixon PX, A

Jose Saramago – All the names H, A+ (nobel prize winner)

Elfriede Jelinek – Women as lovers P, A (nobel prize winner)

Luisa Valenzuala – The Lizard’s Tale

Paul Ableman – I hear voices P, A

Jean Cocteau – Les Enfants Terribles P, A-

Gregory David Roberts – The Mountain Shadow HX, A+ (sequel to Shantaram)

Laurence Sterne – Tristram Shandy P, A

Alice Munro – Lives of girls and women P, A

Fritz Zorn – Mars P, A

John Fowles – Daniel Martin PX, A

Yiyun Li – Kinder than solitude HX, A+

Jorge Luis Borges – Collected Fictions TP, A (incredible, only selling as I have two copies)

Jack Kerouac – Visions of Cody P, A-

William Faulkner – Mosquitoes P, A- (actually falling apart)

William Faulkner – The Mansion X, A

Michel Houllebecq – The map and the territory HX, A

VS Naipaul – A bend in the river (booker winner)

Anna Kavan – Asylum piece

Milorad Pavic – The dictionary of the Khazars P, A (female edition)

Victor Pelevin – Omon Ra P, a

Julian Barnes – The sense of an ending P, A (booker prize winner)

Atiq Rahimi – The Patience Stone HX, A

Doris Lessing – Briefing on a descent into hell P, A- (did she win the nobel in the end?)

Yukio Mishima – Spring Snow P, A-

Alberto Moravia – The woman of Rome P, A-

Richard Ford – The Sportswriter P, A

Michael Cunningham – Specimen Days HX, A

GK Chesterton – The Father Brown Stories (ombnibus collecting all of them) H, A (no dust jacket)

Colm Toibin – The Blackwater Lightship P, A

Charlie Huston – Caught Stealing HX, A

Dylan Thomas – Collected Poems 1934-1952 P, A-

George Macdonald – What’s Mines Mine TP, A

Henning Mankell – Chronicler of the Wind HX, A

Magnus Mills – Explorere of the new century HX, A

Victor Hugo – The Laughing Man H, A- (no dust jacket)

NZ fiction

Charlotte Grimshaw – The night book TP, X, A

Nestor Notabilis – I know someone who knows someone who knows Kevin Roberts quite well P, A

Laura Solomon – Black Light P, A

Lloyd Jones – Mister Pip P, A-

Maurice Shadbolt – The New Zealanders P, A

Elizabeth Knox – Black Oxen TP, A+

Non fiction

Glyn Daniels – The megalith builders of western Europe P, X, A-

Peter Tompkins – The secret life of plans P, A-

Timothy Garton Ash – Facts are subversive P, A

Regis Debray – Revolution in the Revolution? P, A-

Ravlich – Freedom from our social prisons HX, A

Chalmers Johnson – The Sorrows of Empire H, A+

Immanuel Wallerstein – The political economy of contemporary africa HX, A- (no dust jacket)

Bill Schul – the psychic powers of animals P, A-

Judy Mcgregor (ed) – Dangerous democracy: news media politics in NZ. P, A

Ducley Baker – GK Chesterton HX, A

Adrian Berry – Harrap’s Book of Scientific Anecdotes HX, A

Carl Sagan – The Dragons of Eden P, A-

James Belich – Making Peoples H, A (no dust jacket)

Lawrence Krauss – A Universe From Nothing P, A

Daniel Pinchbeck – Breaking open the head TP, A

Hofmekler- Macimum Muscle, Minimum Fat TP, A

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh – The Secret of Secrets vol 1 TP, A-

Sogyal Rinpoche – Glimpse after Glimpse: daily reflections on living and dying P, A

Ranginui Walker – Struggle Without End P, A

Carlos Castenada – The teachings of Don Juan A Yaqui way of knowledge P, A-

Caitlin and John Matthews – The Western Way: a practical guide to the western mystery tradition P, A

Susan Blackmore – The Meme Machine P, A

John Randall – Parapyschology and the nature of life P, A-

P.R Reid – The Colditz Story P, A-

Ricardo Semler – Maverick! P, A

Hans Eyseneck – Astrology: Science or Superstition? P, A

John Dower – Embracing Defeat: Japan in the aftermath of WW2 P, A+

Arnd Schneider and Oscar Zarate – Mafia for beginners P, A