About Wisdom of the Dancing Moose

Who is the moose?

This is the blog of a writer, musician and film-maker, with polymath autodidact tendencies, based in Wellington, New Zealand.

First time here?

If this is your first time here, check out the Dear Ethel, or, What is to be done? sequence of posts – parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five – as an orientation to where we’re coming from. The best stuff is in 3, 4 and 5.

Novel Writing Advice

I wrote a few posts of advice about writing a novel, which, while simple, may be of use. Parts one, two, three, four and five.

What is this blog for?

The moose is over-educated in the traditional system, and had an unprecedented opportunity to spend a further decade in self-directed research and education. As such we offer a rare perspective on the world, that of the comprehensivist (a word coined by Buckminster Fuller) as opposed to that of the generalist or specialist.

Wisdom of the Dancing Moose has been around a long while now and has been through many phases – devoted muckraking, underground politics, data-mining the weirdness unfolding in the margins of the future, divining where humanity is going, and tracking technology, economics and politics as a world-system. Throughout it has been dedicated to bringing new information and ideas and creative synthesis to the world. And having fun.

From here I suspect the trend will be to posting less, and longer, and deeper.

(There was an occasional podcast, Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa, creative oddness from the end of the world. There was going to be a wiki, focusing on consciousness, language, belief and reality, but that was superseded by writing a book on those subjects.)

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