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Today the National misGovernment announced they are sacking the democratically elected councillors of Environment Canterbury, replacing them with an appointed commission, presumably of bugfuck rightwing cronies if the first two members are anything to go by, and suspending local elections until 2013, because the issues are “too complex to be resolved in the democratic cycle”.

This is about water, which we have ranted about before. Control of water is going to be vital in the years to come. The wrong way to do this is privatise these assets. Solutions to the crises the world faces require cooperation, not competition or coercion. And control, for half of NZ’s water assets, has just been ripped out of public control, and given to an appointed commission with special powers – appointed by slick millionaires who don’t give a damn about our country (for instance, choosing to overturning conservation areas to allow mining), and whose preordained solution will probably involve privatisation, since their blind faith in a peculiar economic ideology prescribes that solution.

I don’t know the substance of the report that led to the sackings; maybe there is good reason for the move, and maybe we will see a sane responsible outcome. I doubt it.

A year or so ago I described life under a National government unleashing its never-announced policies by ramming laws through under urgency in these terms:

It’s like discovering that not only is your mild-mannered, freshly pressed date a rapist who has already drugged you, but that they’re really into stabbing you in the kidneys with a rusty corkscrew while they ream your ass.

Ain’t no fun to be right about this.

Now I am wondering how much damage this government can do to this country and its future…

The mining protest was interesting today. An actual issue of identity at stake. The first time Phil Goff has seemed remotely like a leader. General open talk of direct action to stop the bulldozers as a normal course of events.

Fuck this government.

john key’s a donkey

With the mining conservation areas, beneficiary bashing redux, slashing the public sector, and general awfulness of National rearing its head again in their window before election season begins (on top of the ETS farce, and all the shit they already did under urgency), we of the dancing moose gently draw your attention once again to the John Key’s A Donkey sessions by Tinekaamos.

Link them around if they amuse you. Maybe it will help. They are kind of shit in a choice way; or maybe choice in a shit way. And I honestly don’t think he deserves better. Maybe they are better pitched to the current climate than 16 months or so ago back when they were recorded.

I am vaguely tempted to get them out as a grimy free EP. Though the set is sadly incomplete. I had been planning a riff on Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon, with the refrain being “all we are saying is John Key’s an ass.”, but I lost my recording setup before that happened.

Y’know, it wouldn’t take much to knock up the lyrics. If anyone currently has a recording set up, or wants to be part of gang vocals for that should the chance arise, let me know 😉

Make a submission on the Climate Change Response Bill

The Climate Change Response (Moderated Emissions Trading) Amendment Bill 85-1 (2009) is about to go into select committee. Submissions to the select committee are due by Oct 13.

Under National, the bill effectively seems to involve the public subsidising polluters to the tune of $2 billion/year until 2030, and not doing much that is effective about climate change. This is pretty shit, really, and worth opposing.

Thus it seems well worth every environment/sanity/survival of the species inclined person in the country to submit to this select committee. IN our legal and government system, submissions to the select committee are probably, pound for pound, the most relevant and effective political action one can take.

You can download the bill here.

You can make an online submission here. This is pretty darn easy.

Advice on making submissions is here.

If you want some ideas about what specific things to say, here is one example, and the greens have some ideas here. On the whole it would probably be better if it was put in your own words rather than cut’n’paste, though.

hyper-reality melting or something

Here is some stuff I read on the internet today.

China is trying to be less dependent on harvesting organs from prisoners, (while incidentally admitting that they do kill people and take their organs).

China is trying to move away from the use of executed prisoners as the major source of organs for transplants.

According to the China Daily newspaper, executed prisoners currently provide two-thirds of all transplant organs.

Musing on the planet as a hard-drive.

A couple from Cryptogon: Birth control vaccine patent, and a bill to give the US President power to pull parts of the internet in an emegency.

The fallacy of climate change – arguing that soft-peddling the doom, and holding off from engaging with the utter life change that is required to adjust our unsustainable lives to something sustainable, is really limiting the climate movement’s effectiveness. (Man, even the Pope is saying Creation is under threat.)

and finally, John Key is to whore NZ tourism on the Late Show with Dave Letterman. He will apparently present a top ten list. Clearly a symptom of the dissolution of hyper-reality.

Maybe I should just stop reading stuff on the internet. Oh, wait, I’ve been here before…

Oh wait, it's worse

As an update to the last post, things are actually worse than embarassing.

NZ has announced to the world that our emissions cuts of 10-20% are conditional on developing nations cutting emissions by 30-40%. And that we aren’t planning on making any real changes, only meeting those targets by carbon offsetting.

The mind boggles at how shite this is.

John Key. Worst. Leader. Ever.

good faith

No right turn and buzzandhum have good posts about National’s declaration that good faith from employers means employees are fine and won’t be exploited, forced into giving up a week of holidays, or generally screwed over in employment contracts. Buzz in particular has a really nice example of what unions do in negotiating collectively (= it is possible to win some changes) vs what happens if you try to negotiate alone (= ignored – “take it or leave it”).

This government sucks. Brazenly. One presumes the media are still tame and suckful, to allow it.

Oh, and as a side note, Morgue notes that hey, it still isn’t too late to do something about climate change before life as we know it is doomed and all, but we need to do it NOW, but under this blind fathead Key, it seems pretty hard to imagine New Zealand playing any role in that. Which is really rather dispiriting. And frankly, embarassing.

John Key's a Donkey (part four) – Reggae

Still not following the news, but the little that is filtering through to me about what National is doing under the donkey is all pretty damn awful.

Since we last posted, National has been slashing government ministries for education, environment, and social development, shitting on environmental policy, moving towards privatising ACC for no reason other than to turn it into a pork barrel for millionaire ass-buddies, acting like building a cycleway the length of the country achieves anything (though hell, maybe this is an exceptionally forward looking post-peak oil move… 😛 ), privatising prisons, generally dicking over women and workers… well, hell, it is an entire litany of far right wing ideological psychosis, that, as ever, no one actually voted for. (No right turn has a solid run down.)

And frankly, it fucking sucks. I mean, is there any good being done here?

So here is another installment in the John Key’s a Donkey project – quite possibly the last, since the moose no longer has an external sound card. This was recorded before Christmas last year. The improvised style du jour is loosely reggae. The moose doesn’t really listen to reggae. So it goes.

It can be found over on the tinekaamos myspace page. Enjoy the last of the summer with this sweet hilarious ragga lament.

John Key´s A Donkey (part three) – Country mix

Here is the third installment in the John Key’s a Donkey Project.

This time out, the genre du jour is country. Actually, it’s probably fairly blues tinged, too. But what the hell. I don’t know nothing about either genre.

All these were recorded before all this neo-fascist bullshit-urgency fire-at-will-bill showing of National’s true colours, by the way. (Which is another way of saying I’m much better at the recording process now than these tracks would reveal :P)

But yeah. John Key’s a Donkey – Country mix is up over at the tinekaamos myspace page. It is short and sweet, clocking in about a minute thirty, and is a poignant country lament for the nation after electing a donkey Prime Minister. And probably way easier going than the last installment 😉

No one voted for this

I was actually feeling a bit bad about the donkey-lashing that had been going on here lately. Maybe I was being a bit hard on John Key. After all, he hadn´t done anything too overtly evil yet.

But this is fucking ridiculous.

Sitting parliament under urgency – they will sit until the bills are passed – for bills that are not yet written, named, or even really defined? There is no justification for this sort of behaviour. It is seriously fucking scary in a democracy. It´s like discovering that not only is your mild-mannered, freshly pressed date a rapist who has already drugged you, but that they´re really into stabbing you in the kidneys with a rusty corkscrew while they ream your ass.

It´s like they´ve just totally lost their heads in a power mad rush of blood to their cocks, realising they can live out all their despicable authoritarian power fantasies.

No one voted for this. National never really announced what they were planning to do clearly – and now, even as the laws are being written, parliament won´t even know what they are voting on. This is not the behaviour of a transparent honest government. This is the behaviour of a sneaky, dishonest government, whose agenda cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the populace.

No one voted for this. I´m amazed how much it feels like we´re suddenly back in the Dark Ages under National.

Suddenly the lyrics to the Matilda mix of John Key´s a Donkey seem alarmingly prescient:

Once a lovely country was fooled at election time
By a heartless PR company
Who spun and they lied as they manipulated us
Hiding that John Key had no policy

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
He could only be more smug if he was an Aussie
He´ll sell off our all assets in the name of private enterprise
Because John Key´s a donkey, you´ll see

He teamed up with ACT who are not know for sanity
And will take the Maori down with him
And anyway Peter Dunne will go to bed with anyone
And John Key´s a donkey is a fine ass

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
A slimy lying douchebag, made millions in property
He´ll enslave us to Rogernomics plus and fail to save the environment
Because John Key´s a donkey, you see

He would like to rule alone, as an FPP dictatorship
Forced into coalition one two three
There seems little hope they will temper his empty hubris
Because John Key´s a donkey, a donkey is he.

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
Thinks he´s Obama but he´s a honky
He´ll break any promises and call it an emergency
Because John Key´s a donkey, you´ll see

And while we watch and we cringe and we stare as his ego grows
Let us pray his head explodes
before he privatises life in the name of ideology
Because that´s what donkeys fucking do.

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
It would only be worse if he was a zombie
Eating all our brains and chewing on our intestines
Because John Key´s a donkey…a donkey is he.
[emphasis added]

Fuck this government.

John Key´s a Donkey (part two) – Matilda mix

Is now up, along with the lyrics, over at the tinekaamos myspace page. (Actually, given how unrelated this stuff is to the music I´m actually making under that name, maybe I should create a separate thing for this. Oh well.)

This is fairly ludicrous, and maybe a touch vicious and offensive, but probably pretty funny. Basically, John Key´s a Donkey – Matilda mix is an a capella ode to the coalition forming process and its prospects… along with a savage dissing of John Key´s donkeyness, all to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. Sure to be a nationwide hit. Yuss.

Features a number of soon to be immortal lines. Any overt lyrical weirdness is due to making it fit the form of Waltzing Matilda.

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