podcast recommendation: Tim Ferriss Show


I listen to a lot of podcasts while I walk. Over the past year, easily the best podcast has been the Tim Ferriss Show.

I’ve been tracking Ferriss for a while. I think he is the reason I have been swinging a kettlebell for the past few years. His Four Hour Workweek has some brilliant stuff in it for rearranging your life and starting a business that gives great freedom  – and while the overall model has produced surprisingly few copycat success stories, the individual components (particularly the chapters on Definition and Elimination) are worth the price. Similarly, the Four Hour Body is a fascinating compendium of extreme hacks to achieve specific bodily outcomes, with some great practical material, particularly the slow-carb diet, and various of the lifting regimes. The Four Hour Chef is a weird one – a book about accelerated learning disguised as a cookbook – and I don’t rate it anywhere near as much as the first two.

And here is the thing. No matter how awesome you are, there is a limit to what you can master. I read the 4HWW as being everything he knew up until then. The 4HB is everything he learned in the next few years of radical physical experimentation.

The genius in the podcast is he has access to really remarkable figures, and can explore what they have mastered. For this reason I think the podcast is so far the most valuable resource he has created. Through it we get access to some really diverse and remarkable high achieving mentalities. He’s not the greatest interviewer, but he has a point of view, and knows how to mine for information and deconstruct in the areas that interest him. But what makes it is the range and quality of the interview subjects, ranging from household names and uber influencers (eg: Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, Peter Diamandis, etc) to people you won’t have heard of but are amazing (Josh Waitzkin, Marc Goodman, etc) I haven’t listened to all of the episodes, but a fair bunch, and they have all been worthwhile.

So yeah. Definitely worth checking out.

Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa # 12: Ramsey Dukes

Wow. It has been a while since any podcasting happened.

All the old ones are yet to be reuploaded after the server move, and to be honest I’m not sure I’ll get around to it. Bootlegs lost to time.

But here is a new one, which is closer to the interviews with interesting people that I originally had in mind, but still different.

What it is, is cool.

Unfairly obscure, Ramsey Dukes is one of the foremost philosophers of magic alive today. His now-classic book SSOTBME is widely regarded as one of the best introductions to magic. Dukes brings a clarity of thought and expression to a nefariously murky subject. Replete with clever examples, he explains the differences and relations between science, religion, magic and art. Over the past decades he has developed his thinking through a series of books, which are all worth tracking down if you can. He is consistently ahead of any curve you care to consider. (For instance, Words Made Flesh, his book riffing along matrix-esque universe as virtual reality lines came out in the 1980s.)

So yeah. A brilliant mind. And, it turns out, lovely and terribly English.

This audio is of a talk he gave at the NZ Pagan Fest in February, entitled Magic, Religion and the Quest For Meaning.

Ramsey Dukes – Magic Religion and the Quest for Meaning

In it he describes and updates the basic model presented in SSOTBME. There is also a fairly lengthy audience Q&A.

There is very little in the way of interviews and talks available  online from Dukes, so this is a real treat we of the dancing moose are very happy to share.

Special thanks to Ramsey Dukes for permission to post this.

John Key´s a Donkey (part two) – Matilda mix

Is now up, along with the lyrics, over at the tinekaamos myspace page. (Actually, given how unrelated this stuff is to the music I´m actually making under that name, maybe I should create a separate thing for this. Oh well.)

This is fairly ludicrous, and maybe a touch vicious and offensive, but probably pretty funny. Basically, John Key´s a Donkey – Matilda mix is an a capella ode to the coalition forming process and its prospects… along with a savage dissing of John Key´s donkeyness, all to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. Sure to be a nationwide hit. Yuss.

Features a number of soon to be immortal lines. Any overt lyrical weirdness is due to making it fit the form of Waltzing Matilda.

Hit´n´Miss Aotearoa #11: the place music comes from

And now for something completely different.

Hit´n´miss Aotearoa presents: The Place Music Comes From

Basically a section of the extensive jamming from my birthday party that came out really cool. Featuring members of The Dukes Of Leisure, Jet Jaguar, Group Five, tinekaamos, Gold Medal Famous, and others. Not really sure who was playing what at this point. But it was good times and laxing out with good people and instruments and a flow appeared. And that is where music comes from…

(As a side note, it came out amazingly well given that it was recorded on one mic in the middle of a room in which acoustic and electric guitars, various drums, didgeridoos, rainsticks, shakers, bells, synth, voice, bottles, flute, and whatever else, was being played. And in particular how elements enter and leave with an overall balance and progression maintained.)

Hit'n'Miss Aotearoa #10: Nicky Hager

Wow. The podcasting has got a bit dusty. Despite having literally hundreds of bootlegs lying around. Oh well.

And now for something completely different. But strangely closer to what I originally had in mind for the podcasts.

This audio is investigative journalist Nicky Hager, author of The Hollow Men, Seeds of Distrust, Secrets and Lies, etc, giving a talk at Drinking Liberally last month. He talks about the nature and conduct of politics in NZ at the present time, the election, and so on.

Feel free to spread the link around. Bandwidth exists to be eaten. It’s all pretty relevant stuff.

(There is also the Q&A he did afterwards, which may actually be longer. Is anyone interested in that?)

Bios and Logos

In my seemingly never ending quest to dump more and more information into my brain, I’ve been getting into podcasts lately. There’s a bunch of really interesting talks and interviews with really smart people talking about cool stuff out there.

So far the most interesting I’ve listened to is this one from Mark Pesce, entitled Bios and Logos. Part history of evolution, invention, humanity, part extrapolation on where we’re going and what’s going on, pretty consistently mind-expanding and interesting.

A couple of quotes:

“There are periods of time when your DNA isn’t doing anything at all, when it’s quiescent. And at that time, when it’s not interacting with the world around it, it can enter what physicists call superposition. When it’s not interacting it can enter a quantum state. That quantum state says that it can be in this universe, and this universe, and this universe, and this universe. Well, it can be in a lot of different universes. In fact, it can be in ten with five hundred zeros following it, possible universes.”

30:33: “The ability for you to react to your environment from your genetic code verses being able to react to your environment because you can communicate using language is probably at least ten million to one times faster. That means at the same time we acquired the ability to speak everything about us in terms of humanity, and human culture, and human thought, and human understanding suddenly went ten million times faster.”

Recommended. 🙂

Hit'n'Miss Aotearoa #9: The Stumps

Undulating Ungulate Proudly Presents: Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa #9: The Stumps

Right then. What to say about The Stumps? They’re nice guys who make loud noise, which they describe as “improvised psychedelic doom noise rock”. Sounds about right.

Well, okay then. Here’s some of that from Valve last September. It was cool, it was loud, I liked it, here it is.

If you’re digging on this, you might want to head along to see them tomorrow at Valve…

Hit n Miss Aotearoa #8: Black Boned Angel

Undulating Ungulate Proudly presents: Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa #8: Black Boned Angel

Man, Wellington is awesome. For five bucks you can see world class weirdness like Black Boned Angel on a Thursday night. Taking the stage slowly, wreathed and hooded in black, they play dirges for the damned, epic walls of feedback, drone and noise. Beautiful.

For fans of Sunn 0))), Boris, and the direction doom could have evolved in 🙂

Hit'n'Miss Aotearoa #7: Nurse With Wound

Undulating Ungulate proudly presents Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa #7: Nurse With Wound

Nurse With Wound
are the creepiest, and possibly evilest band on earth. For many years they have terrorized the very notion of music itself with their relentless creative experimentalism. They rule.

Here we depart from the norm and present the Undulating Ungulate 33rpm remix of A Short Dip In The Glory Hole. Taking a fundamentally disturbing piece of music and turning it into one of the most distressing things you will ever hear. Listen to it loud, stoned, in the dark. If you dare.

(Uh. If you happen to be Nurse With Wound and object to this, ask and it can be removed. In that case, the same effect can be obtained by playing the b-side of the 12″ single of Brained By Falling Masonry at 33RPM. If NWW can release an entire album of slight warping of their music while being transferred between tapes, this is kosher too 🙂

Hit'n'Miss Aotearoa #6: Boss Christ

Undulating Ungulate proudly presents: Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa #6: Boss Christ

Okay. The tiny red walled Pit bar, crammed full of drunks. Enter Boss Christ, a one man hoedown. A bloughy farmboy in a cut off t-shirt and the most enormous fluffy blonde mutton chops you’ll ever see, “Fuck” written on one bicep, “Yeah” on the other, and a D-size EverReady battery used to play sit down slide guitar over a backing track.

How classy was this gig?

As Boss so eloquently put it in his lengthy song dissing Bruce Springsteen, “Why be born in the USA, when you can be born in Masterton?”

Awesome. The recording captures a slice of primo kiwiana, mate. Easily the most vibe and fun captured on a recording yet – the shenanigans are at least as important as the music. Do your self a favour and check this out, or better yet, check out the Boss live.

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